Australia's Best 3D Illusion LED Lamps

Lighting can make or break your room. Get it right and the room comes to life. Get it wrong and the room can seem boring, dark and uninspiring.

Unique and cool lamps can draw the eye, providing a key focal point, be a conversation starter and make you look awesome.

Our lamps are essentially 3D optical illusions. They feature a black base, Are powered by a USB cable. They then power the light source, which appears to shine in 3D, however it is actually flat.

Thanks too laser cut angled lines on an acrylic sheet, the light follows these etched lines, creating an illusion of a 3D object and gives the acrylic sheet depth, all while looking great.

We have plenty of designs to choose from. The lamp will become the center piece of any room which draws people in as it is an optical illusion. It appears 3D, but is actually completely flat.

The light is soft and low heat,perfect for displaying in your room, pub, club, restaurant, and anywhere you like.