The 5 Best 3D LED Illusion Lamps Reviewed

The 5 Best 3D LED Illusion Lamps Reviewed

If you love technology and would like to get something that will add wow to your Home/Office or impress your kids, then 3D LED illusion lamps should definitely be something you buy. You might be thinking “How do they work” If you haven’t used these lamps yet. You might also be wondering what are 3D lamps. Well, a 3D illusion lamp consists of a base fitted with LED lights and an acrylic that has a image cut into it. The image is drawn on a 2D object and features lines which appear to glow when illuminated to create a 3D image. People of all ages love them especially kids.

 Are 3D Illusion Lamps Worth It?

Why would you buy a 3D illusion lamp? Well, you can get a 3D lamp as décor for your home, mostly in the bedroom. The LED lamp itself doesn’t produce too much light, rather it works better in a room with low or no lights on. You can also buy these 3D illusion lamps as a gift. You can be sure that he or she will love with so many designs to choose from.. The lamps are great value for money for what you get.


1. The Electric Guitar - Click Here to view lamp

The Electric Guitar 3D LED light illusion lamp creates a nice optical illusion that will leave anyone amazement. This has got to be one of the best Electric Guitar designs Iv seen on 3D lamps. Any music fan would love this for themselves or as a gift.


2. The Star Wars - R2-D2 3D Optical Illusion Lamp - Click Here to view lamp

If your a Star Wars fan, then you love R2-D2. And if you love R2-D2, then there is no way you won’t love this R2-D2 3D Lamp. This modern lamp features a fantastic optical illusion that will definitely transform your room, man cave, office, or kid’s room. With 7 color modes, you can change colors to make the light look different based on the themes or mood of your room.

The LED lights on this optical illusion lamp are long lasting and you can be sure that they will last, even if you leave the lamp on all night. Putting together and powering the lamp is easy.


3.Creative Illusion Lamp - Click Here to view lamp

Creative lamps are some of the best designs out there and in particular this one that I love. There are so many designs to choose from but the best ones give the best 3D Illusion. Like the other lamps, this Creative 3D optical lamp comes in interchangeable colours to create the mood you like. It has  LED's on the inside of the base and doesn’t overheat. The lamp can be used in the bedroom, a child’s room, the living room, hotel, bar, or even a restaurant and does not get hot to touch.


4. Star Trek Enterprise - Click here to view lamp

If you love Star Trek, then this 3D optical illusion space ship will occupy a special place in your heart and your room. This multi-colored lamp can alternate between different colours at the touch of a button and is powered by bright LED lights that have a long lifespan. If you are looking for a perfect birthday gift for your child, boyfriend/girlfriend, then this is something that is guaranteed to make them appreciative.

Since the device is USB powered, you can easily light it up by connecting to a computer, laptop or even mobile phone.


5.Baby Dragon - 3D LED Lamp - Click here to view lamp

 The Baby Dragon Lamp was the first 3D lamp I bought. I just loved the design for my daughter. Im sure all kids would love one of these lamps in there bedroom to show off to all there friends and family.

Having an output of only 5v, these lamps will only take 0.012kWH when on for 24 hours. They also have over 10,000 hours lifespan and shines brighter than most lamps. You can finally bring charm and character home to your kids, friends, or as a gift on a special day.


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