Dolphin 3D LED Lamp - Night Light - Digital Clock

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An energy efficient LED lamp ande digital Clock that looks like a 3D object. It tricks your eyes with an optical illusion making it look awesome. The perfect light to suit any mood of any room. Like the bedroom, a Kids room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant etc.


·         Never get hot – safe to touch

·         Glowing LEDs

·         Highly detailed fine lines create illusions

·         Only 5mm thick

·         Appear to be 3D designs

·         Changes Colours (7 Colours):

·         Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White

·         Touch button

·         Automatically colour changing mode.

·         Connects to power socket or USB port.

·         Energy saving.

·         Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours

·         LED life span: 10,000 hours

·         Looks awesome as a 3d optical illusion



Package Contents

·         1 x 3D LED Lamp and Clock

·         1 x Lamp Base

·         1 x USB Cable

·         1 x User Manual